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Champagne Cookie Platter


Circle: 3.5″ diameter

Bottle: 4.6″ tall / 2.25″ wide

Glasses: 3.0″ tall / 2.75″ wide

Set Option: 3 Piece Set
Sale price$15.50


This Champagne platter cookie cutter works along with a center 3.5" circle cookie cutter. You can purchase all 3 cookie cutters together, or as a 2-piece without the circle cutter.

(This is the same circle cutter used in this Snowflake set, Spiral Platter, and Floral Wreath, etc.)

When arranged as a large platter, as shown in the example picture, the platter measures 12 inches in diameter. 

All platters use the same center circle cutter. (3.5" for the 12" platters, 2.75" for the 9" platters. Be careful not to purchase duplicate cutters.)

Decorating Tutorial:

How to Make a Champagne Cookie Platter

Cookie Cutter Product Information:

Cookie cutters have a contoured handle for comfort and a sharp, durable cutting blade for clean dough cutouts. Each cookie cutter is of the outer silhouette of the design only. There is no inner line work imprint. The cookie design template link above can be used as a reference to decorate your cookie when you purchase the cookie cutter.

Material and Care of Cookie Cutters:

This cookie cutter is 3D-printed with food safe PLA. Because of the nature of PLA, this cookie cutter requires HAND WASH ONLY in lukewarm soapy water.

AVOID EXPOSURE TO HEAT. Do not soak in hot water, do not place cutters in the dishwasher, do not leave in a hot car, and do not use them to cut hot cookie dough fresh from the oven. Avoid any contact with heat or your cookie cutter will warp.

Cookie Cutter Dimensions:

The total cutting height of the cookie cutter (handle and cutting blade) is 1-inch deep. The cutting blade of each cookie cutter is ¾ inches deep. Cookie cutters can cut dough thicknesses up to a ½ inch thick.

Cookie Cutter Cutting Tips:

When cutting out shapes with the cookie cutter, press down until the blade hits the counter surface, then wiggle your cutter in place for best results and the cleanest cuts.

Chill cookie dough in the fridge before cutting. I find that cutting cookie dough while it is cold works best.


Proudly Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Helaine Neiman
A New Years Eve hit!!

Rang in tne New Year with the champagne platter. I loved these cutters! They were easy to use and having the download design pages was extremely helpful as a beginner cookie maker. I have Other ideas for platters and wish someone would contact me! I already bought the heart and the football and will platter those with the large circle I bought From this set. Fast with delivery. Lots of people to buy cutters from. These Guys are great!

Rita Wilcher
Fast shipping

Such cute designs and super fast shipping! Can’t wait to start on Christmas orders!

Ashley Murray

First time purchaser of Semi Sweet designs... but not possible to be the last!
Very quick turn around to get them into the post and after stalking the postal carrier tracking page relentlessly, they arrived today!
The presentation was great but the quality of the cutters themselves exceeded what I'd hoped for! I love the tutorials on the page for inspiration or help, the hand written note, all the seemingly little touches that set you apart from the rest♥️ Thanks Mike, can't wait to try them out!

Deb Schuett
New Years Platter

Can’t wait to try these cookie cutters!

Spencer Larson
Love this set

This set is very easy to complete. This will be popular to do in bulk. I have actually turned this into a Father's Day platter and changed the center piece instead of new years. This could also work well for bachelor/bachelorette parties

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