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Screen Genie

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Eliminate underspray and get sharp, crisp lines when airbrushing!

This Screen Genie set includes:

  • 1 plastic frame sized perfectly to fit over a Stencil Genie (Stencil Genie NOT Included.)
  • 1 white rubber gasket to hold silkscreen in place
  • 1 mesh screen. Additional mesh screens will be available soon!  

The Screen Genie holds the stencil snug against the cookie surface to help eliminate underspray while airbrushing. You are left with sharp, crisp airbrushed designs on the cookie every time!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Viktoria Mullin
Makes the work more precise and professional, and easier

I very recently bought this screen genie and already have gotten to enjoy it in my multiple cookie decorating projects. The final work done with stencil genie is truly amazing, much more accurate, appealing, and clean. Highly recommend.


This screen genie is amazing. Just used it for the first time last week and wow, what a game changer as far as crispness and no bleed of the airbrush colors. I have one of the circular screens intended for this purpose but don't like it at all. You can't see the stencil under it and it's a mess to clean. I didn't have any trouble seeing my stencil under this product. This screen genie rinses super quick and also dries off easily so you can continue to use it without waiting. I was also able to spray about 4 cookies with the same stencil without having to clean it. Worth the money in my opinion.

Nancy Luna
Screen Genie

I love this screen! It makes such a difference. Great product and always fast shipping!

Janet Oliva
Game changer

I used the stencil genie to airbrush the outfits on Easter bunnies. The stencil genie is a game changer. Cleaner look, no spread on lines! Great tool for airbrushing. I’m glad I spent the extra $$ totally worth it!

Melissa Wedgeworth

The stencils genie has greatly improved my cookies . Order received in less than 1 week per USPS. I am going to get another one to improve getting cookies done faster.

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