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Gnome & Mushroom Cookie Platter Set


Large Circle: 3.5” diameter

Large Gnome: 2.7” wide / 3.75” tall

Large Mushroom: 2.6” wide / 3.7” tall

Small Circle: 2.75” diameter

Small Gnome: 2.2” wide / 3.1” tall

Small Mushroom: 2.1” wide / 3.1” tall

Set Option: Large 3 Piece Set
Sale price$17.25


This Gnome & Mushroom Cookie Platter Set works along with a center circle cookie cutter. You can purchase all 3 cookie cutters together, or as a 2-piece without the circle cutter.

WARNING!! All platters use the same center circle cutter. (3.5" for the 12" platters, 2.75" for the 9" platters. Be careful not to purchase duplicate cutters.)

When arranged as a platter, as shown in the example picture, the platter measures:

LARGE- 12 inches in diameter (Shown in the photos)

SMALL- 9 inches in diameter 

Decorating Tutorial & Template:

How to Make a Gnome & Mushroom Cookie Platter

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gnome & Mushroom Cookie Platter Set

this is the best cookie cutter set ever. I love it . I love how you give a tutorial to go along with the cutters. Love the templates too ! Love all your cutters.

Diann Johnson
Gnome platter

Absolutely love Mikes designs! This one is so cute!

Sharon Mathewson
Gnome and mushroom cookie cutter

So excited to get the tutorial and templates today!! Cutters are perfect and looking forward to making and decorating the cookies!!

Alicia Mervine
Gnome and mushroom platter

Love the cutters, very good quality. Arrived in a very reasonable amount of time. Only downside is I'm still waiting for the template and tutorial....

Karen D
gnome and mushroom cookie platter

to be honest haven't used it yet but i'm sure it will be a great cutter as is All of semi sweet cutter are

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