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Starburst Cookie Cutter Set


Large 2.5″ wide / 4.75″ tall

Medium 2″ wide / 4″ tall

Small 1.75″ wide / 3.25″ tall

Imprint Set Option


Need a quick and easy platter idea? This starburst cookie cutter set is perfect for any celebration, from New Years to the 4th of July! Each set comes with three cookie cutters in a large, a medium and a small size. Available with or without star imprint. The tutorials for decorating cookie platters using these cookie cutters can be found on the blog at these links: Patriotic Starburst Cookie Platter, New Year's Starburst Cookie Platter.


The imprints of the inside sections are designed to only mark the inside two corners of the star. This is to prevent the dough from getting stuck in the cutter.

Decorating Tutorials:

Patriotic Starburst Cookie Platter
New Year's Starburst Cookie Platter